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Cutting-edge IoT softeners and apps help you connect to, and control, your water at home

Smart Devices. Connected Homes. The Internet of Things. All an integral part of modern living, having tangible and positive benefits for each and every one of us. More and more home appliances are becoming connected every year. According to data from IoT Analytics there were over 12.3 billion internet enabled devices in 2021, and that number is growing exponentially.

Pentair products have always been at the forefront of digital connectivity and we have big plans for 2022. So why would you need a connected water softener and why would you choose one from Pentair?

We lift the lid on smart water softeners and the home water ecosystem to find out.

“There were over 12.3 billion internet enabled devices in 2021.”

Pentair: A pedigree of innovation in connectivity

Connectivity has always been a priority at Pentair. It opens new avenues and creates many opportunities to improve and enhance our products. With each development there are benefits for both our softener owners and the network of professionals who supply and service them.

We’ve come a long way since our first digital product innovation was launched in 2015. Called ‘Scan and Service’, no product connectivity was required, just a smart phone with a camera. A simple coded label was attached to the softener valve which, when scanned, would provide installers with manuals, spare parts information and even augmented reality videos of the product.

It seems simple now but it was, and still is, incredibly useful in the field and has been constantly developed to add new features. That app is now called ‘Pentair Scan and today provides the facility for online product registration, warranty activation and a full suite of diagnostic and maintenance tools. The Pentair Scan app has been transformative for our dealer network and, with ‘push notifications’ from Pentair, they are always up-to-date with any changes to the product.

IQ Soft: The era of the connected softener

Pentair Scan is still a great app for supporting our softeners. However, the wider adoption of home routers, improvements in chip sensors and WiFi reliability has truly unleashed the full potential of product connectivity to our end users.

In 2018 we launched IQ Soft, our first water softener that was internet enabled and all the possibilities that brings. Like many ‘connected’ devices, it’s only when you start using the features you realise how useful they are. For a water softener, often hidden in the basement, remote monitoring is a big plus. Notifications of system performance, errors, even if the softener has been inadvertently turned off, are all good to know about on an app – before you start seeing scale building up around the home! But perhaps the most useful everyday notification on a water softener is a timely reminder that it’s time to top up, or order, more salt, rather than checking under the lid of the salt bin.

“One of the most useful notifications on a water softener app is a reminder to top up, or order, more salt.”

The IQ Soft was our first connected softener and we are upgrading our mid- and high-end softener ranges to add WiFi connectivity. There is a lot more that remote monitoring has yet to offer to home users. For example if a leak is detected by a softener, it will send a push notification to your smartphone prompting you to shut-off the water, so preventing major damage.

Pentair Home and Pro app keep users one step ahead

In parallel to the connectivity hardware in the softener, we have been busy developing a new generation of powerful apps. This year in Europe we will launch the Pentair Home app for softener owners and a companion Pentair Pro app for installers and dealers. These are both feature-rich and take connectivity to the next level – connecting devices, owners, service professionals and Pentair, so we are all talking to one another.

The Pentair Home app puts the owner fully in charge of their home water. As well as locally reporting on salt levels, predictive salt usage, daily peak flow and higher than normal water consumption, the Pentair Home app also allows owners to connect with their nearest, or preferred, water professional who is part of the Pentair network and using the Pentair Pro App. With that connection and necessary permissions in place, that professional can remotely monitor the appliance, checking it is functioning correctly, automatically receiving any service or maintenance alerts. In addition, the professional receives detailed diagnostic information so, if a mechanical fault is detected, the engineer will be able to bring the right part first time and any problems are fixed faster.

In turn the Pentair Pro App means service professionals can provide peace of mind to their customers by monitoring their devices, giving them real-time support and remote diagnosis which can save hours on service visits. These new Pentair apps are a win-win for both owners and dealers alike.

“Professional can remotely monitor the appliance automatically receiving any service or maintenance alerts.”

Creating an ecosystem for the future of home water management

Both the Pentair Home app and Pentair Pro app are designed with the future of the connected home front of mind. As more water devices become internet ready, users can monitor them all in the same app, from the softener… to the swimming pool… to the sump pump. As connected homes and even smart cities become the new normal, Pentair devices and apps will be ready. Automation and routines to improve sustainability and efficiency are on the roadmap. Integration with other smart home systems such as Alexa and Google Assistant are under consideration.

Connectivity has become an important tool in our mission to help move, improve and enjoy your water.

“As connected homes become the new normal, Pentair devices and apps will be ready.”

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